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Research and sustainable development

Research has a great impact on societal development. Thereby research plays a central role in forming development into a sustainable (ecologically, socially and economically) manner for our future generations. A change in point of view within the research field is essential to play a role as a university in the sustainable Sweden and in the sustainable world.

How big an impact has sustainable development in the research field at the university?

The amount of scientists and doctoral students at the Gothenburg university that deals with sustainable development is today 230 persons, where ca 80 of these are research students/post-graduate students. These indicators are based on the number of members in GMV’s network for scientists in the field of sustainable development. On top of that, the number of dissertations dealing with sustainable development increased in 2007 by 25% and totalled 40.

Integrating sustainable development

“To strive for the sustainable society” is one of eight paragraphs in Gothenburg university’s strategic profile. There is also a goal that states that the university shall become one of the leading universities in Europe within the field of research and education in sustainable development.

Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV

GMV is a collaboration between Gothenburg university and Chalmers for the cause of research and education within the field of environment and sustainable development. The 400 scientists that are connected to the GMV network constitute its scientific base of knowledge.

GMV in English

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